This page contains a list of all services provided by Keene Coatings of Salt Lake City Utah.  To read more about a specific service we offer, click the "read more" button.  Thank you for your interest. 

Abrasive Blasting

Keene Coatings has been abrasive blasting/cleaning for over 40 years...
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Industrial Painting

Keen Coatings quality of work has pleased customers all over the United States...
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Concrete Coatings

Cost-effective, sturdy, versatile - it's no wonder use of concrete in industrial and commercial...
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Lead Abatement

Lead paint abatement is defined as the process of safely reducing lead paint hazards...
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Steel Coatings

It's common for structural steel components to experience some form of corrosion...
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Tank Lining Coating

Interior and exterior tank linings are very important to the tanks internal functionality...
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