It’s common for structural steel components to experience some form of corrosion regardless of what type of material is used. Corrosion resistant coatings can increase the lifespan of a part/member, as well as reduce maintenance and replacement costs, but in order to select the appropriate coating it’s important to identify what kind of corrosion a part/member is prone to. Based on how a part/member is used and what conditions it’s exposed to, the kind of corrosion that develops may differ. There are five general types of corrosion: galvanic, stress cracking, general, localized and caustic agent corrosion.

Let our team of specialists provide you with a quick diagnosis and solution in order to keep your steel parts/members functioning as they were designed to function.


As a distributor of several Industrial Coating / Lining & Paint Mfg’s, we can always count on Keene Coatings to provide excellent service and application expertise, they have all the needed application equipment which is rare among contractors and always strive to assure that the materials are applied correctly and with care.
- kevin bowers : bowers international