Interior and exterior tank linings are very important to the tanks internal functionality and to the tanks exterior esthetic appeal.  Professional coatings can increase the tanks serviceability by many years.  Tank coatings/linings protect against weather, internal leaks, rust, spills, etc.  They also decrease the amount of maintenance required to keep the tank functioning properly.

Tank Linings provide corrosion resistance to protect tank structures as well as maintain product purity of tank contents. Typical applications include chemical storage tanks, spent acid tanks, brine storage tanks, FDA tank linings, neutralization/equalization tanks and basins, clarifiers, as well as waste water treatment tanks.

With hundreds of tank lining/coating jobs completed throughout the years, Keene Coatings has established itself as one of the industries top performers.  Focusing on customer satisfaction and quality assurance has enabled us to earn the trust, confidence and loyalty of many customers.


As a distributor of several Industrial Coating / Lining & Paint Mfg’s, we can always count on Keene Coatings to provide excellent service and application expertise, they have all the needed application equipment which is rare among contractors and always strive to assure that the materials are applied correctly and with care.
- kevin bowers : bowers international