Keene Coatings has been abrasive blasting/cleaning for over 40 years.  Our experience ensures that projects of any size will be completed in a timely manner.  Keene Coatings is capable of traveling to remote locations to provide our services.  Our 4.5 acre yard located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is also available year around for any type of abrasive blasting project

Keene Coatings offers all types of media blasting options:  sandblasting, sodablasting, steel shot blasting, blast and recovery, etc.  Our employees are all well trained and certified in order to produce high quality results.  Keene Coatings looks forward to helping you with your abrasive blasting needs in the future.


As a distributor of several Industrial Coating / Lining & Paint Mfg’s, we can always count on Keene Coatings to provide excellent service and application expertise, they have all the needed application equipment which is rare among contractors and always strive to assure that the materials are applied correctly and with care.
- kevin bowers : bowers international