Lead paint abatement is defined as the process of safely reducing lead paint hazards.  Lead can accumulate in our bodies over time, where it is stored in bones along with calcium and slowly causes lead poisoning.  Lead can affect almost every organ and system in our bodies.  It causes permanent damage to the brain and nervous system, leading to behavior and learning problems, lower IQ and hearing problems.  In rare cases, ingestion of lead can cause seizures, coma and even death.

Lead paint abatement can be very dangerous if done improperly. It’s best to hire a professional contractor like Keene Coatings to remove lead paint from your project.  If abatement work is done improperly, a greater lead hazard may be created.  Keene Coatings has successfully completed many lead abatement jobs following all Federal, State & Local laws.

Keene Coatings is familiar with all types of lead abatement, including:

Enclosure:  lead paint is covered with flexible wall covering, paneling or gypsum board. Enclosure works best on large, flat surfaces that are not subject to friction.

Paint Removal:  may be done on or off the work-site. On-site paint removal often creates large amounts of lead dust, fumes and mists. This is best left to the professionals.

Replacement:  involves removing the object coated with lead paint entirely and replacing it with new material. It’s one of the best methods for doors, windows, and moldings.

Encapsulation:  covers and seals lead paint with a special coating. It is less expensive than more thorough methods of abatement, but not suitable for surfaces subject to friction.


The true mark of a great contractor is one who is dedicated to the success of their upper contractors or clients.  If there is one thing that stands out in our minds at RMF in regards to Keene Coatings, it is your dedication to our success.  Few other companies have shown the ability to constantly deliver services on time and in all adverse circumstances.  Keene Coatings has found a way to always deliver this, time and time again.  We are grateful for the opportunity to have this hidden gem in our portfolio as a subcontractor, allowing us a competitive advantage and a quality product few others can attain.  Thanks for your efforts, and we look forward to working with you again soon!
- chad johnson : rocky mountain fabrication